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Up Your Game with Talent Acquisition & Retention

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Patton McDowell & Associates has been focusing on Talent Acquisition & Retention in our Innovation Series this month. Whether you are an Executive Director looking for ways to enrich your staff or you are a possible candidate in the job market, PMA can offer advice, experience and tips on helping you during times of transition. Here are some previous blog posts about acquiring and retaining talent.

Writing Strong Descriptions: Why They MatterPMA has conducted searches for dozens of organizations. In our experience, we have found that a robust job description provides clarity for applicants, managers and the overall organization about how this particular job opening impacts the collective work of the group.

Your Nonprofit Career Plan – The number of candidates going from the for-profit sector to non-profit world continues to increase. If you fall into that category, how you can make a successful transition. This article outlines three key ways to broaden your appeal.

90-Day Tactical Plans – The first 90 days on a new job are extremely important, but what can you do to maximize this formidable timeframe? PMA highlights learnings from Mark Egan’s book, The First 90 Days, to help you translate strategy into implementation tactics.

Acquiring Exceptional Development Talent – With the summer approaching, many people are starting to review their career options and possible make a transition by June 30. You may be looking at that situation now or preparing for it soon. PMA offers some insight from our own search experience to navigate you through this terrain.

Board Dilemmas: Our Executive Director is Leaving! – While Executive Directors may leave for various and valid reasons, a board of directors is typically left in an unexpected and time-consuming situation.  At PMA, we have observed that few organizations take the time to build a succession plan for key leadership roles. Without this type of planning, a board of directors will take longer to fill the organizational gaps and the actual job vacancy.

Recruiting Winning Board Members – Talent development isn’t always about the staff. Sometimes, you need to focus on development within your board of directors. In this article, PMA gives strategies for finding and recruiting top-notch board members for your agency.

Importance of Technology in Professional Development – The technology game continues to change almost daily. A nonprofit professional needs to stay in touch with trends and products available. PMA brings easy yet powerful advice to you in this article.

Writing Your Resume – PMA sees hundreds of resumes each month, as we help nonprofits find the most qualified professionals in our searches. In this article, PMA presents tips for writing a resume that highlights your achievements and stands out among the crowd.

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