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To Consolidate or To Stay Put? A Nonprofit’s Deep Question

ConsolidationThe new reality for organizational sustainability is that nonprofits must look outside their walls to identify potential alliances and consider opportunities to collaborate with other efforts addressing similar issues or populations in their communities. Patton McDowell & Associates specializes in exploring opportunities to achieve administrative efficiencies that also lead to more effective programming.

PMA is trained in the five stages of nonprofit partnerships and strategic restructuring, from collaborations to full-scale mergers. The firm can help you evaluate opportunities to benefit both your organization and your constituencies while keeping a bottom-line perspective. In the past few years, PMA worked with Children’s Home Society of North Carolina to build a stronger body of evidence on “what works” to help youth succeed in life. The firm served as strategic counsel in the expansion process.

Brian Maness, Vice President of Strategic Advancement, said, “We have been fortunate to be able to work with Patton on several projects. I have been consistently impressed with the breadth of his experience and the diverse perspectives of the PMA team. Patton’s work with our board and supporters, both as a facilitator and in a personal capacity, has been excellent. His insight around effective development practices for statewide organizations has helped us prepare for the future.”

Firm president, Patton McDowell has extensive experience in navigating the waters of mergers and collaborations between organizations. With twenty years of background in development and strategic planning, Patton has wisdom from lessons learned and stories of success. As part of our Innovation Series, Patton shared his insights on this topic and even suggested that proactive collaborations were better than reactive mergers for nonprofits. You can read more of his thoughts HERE.

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