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The Next Chapter

Each month we plan to highlight interviews and thought pieces from key leaders in the nonprofit sector. This month’s post comes from our newest PMA consultant, Ginny Amendum.

The-Next-Chapter-1The human service work, which has purely become a part of who I am, has required passion, vision and spirituality.  It has also required true grit – a “boots on the ground” tough and realistic business attitude.  My many years of work as an early child educator and ultimately a nonprofit CEO have merely served to deepen my convictions about the value of this pretty straightforward “recipe!”

Now, I find myself facing a third professional chapter as I begin to offer support as a consultant.  It is with excitement and honor that I join the mighty team at Patton McDowell & Associates.  For me, it is a time of continued outreach as well as one of transition and renewal.  That acknowledgment actually links me directly with a great many nonprofit agencies at this point in time.

Given the changes in economic conditions, political leadership, and financial stability – regionally, nationally, and globally—many nonprofits stand on the brink of transition.  Like me, their collective history has been defined by outreach of one kind or another—planned and implemented to improve or deepen the human experience. And like me, these next years can be a time of incredible renewal and impact.

I hope that my journey ahead connects me with organizations who also find themselves poised for transition, re-invention and renewal.  Together, we can explore and personalize the simple “recipe” above:

  • Plant our boots on the ground (know “all about” our chosen mission)
  • Apply practical, flexible business strategies (with proven for-profit track records)
  • Make the necessary tough calls with professional decision

In so doing, we will celebrate and renew our spiritual contributions, our passion, and our visions. What are your thoughts re: outreach, transition, and renewal in your world?