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The Charlotte Nonprofit Buzz: Foundation for the Carolinas

fftc logoFoundation for the Carolinas, one of PMA’s clients, held its annual luncheon on March 14, 2013. PMA was honored to attend in support of this important community foundation. President & CEO Michael Marsicano and Executive Vice President Laura Meyer Wellman provided strategic and financial updates to the audience of 1,000. The highlights included:

  • Foundation for the Carolinas (FFTC) gave $159 million in grants for 2012. This was the highest amount that FFTC has ever given in a single year.
  • Reaching a record $1 billion in assets, FFTC is now the 12th largest community foundation among 700 community foundations in the country.
  • FFTC is launching a new subsidiary called the Community Investments Foundation, which will focus on working with small business owners.
  • The Greater Charlotte Cultural Trust is celebrating its 10th year with the Foundation.
  • Over $3.4 million has been granted through the Women’s Impact Fund, and the Catalyst Fund continues to make grants centered on organizational integration.
  • Project L.I.F.T., a school-based initiative in the West Charlotte corridor, has surpassed its $55 million goal.
  • With a staggering 23% increase in homelessness within Charlotte, FFTC is launching the Rental Subsidy Endowment to help more families in need.

The luncheon, led by Bank of America’s Cathy Bessant, also featured a keynote address about resilience by Andrew Zolli, a leading voice in community change. Zolli challenged the captive audience to reframe the cultural viewpoint and approach change in a much different way. With a world more interconnected than ever, Zolli provided examples of the need for trust and strong networks within our communities.

PMA is honored to partner with Foundation for the Carolinas and other foundations in their work to build and sustain lasting change in our communities. Specifically, the firm is leading the personnel searches for two FFTC positions. The VP – Center for Corporate Philanthropy will work with business in the Carolinas and the ever-growing Disaster and Hardship Relief Fund. The VP – Center for Nonprofits will support local nonprofit organizations, especially the Greater Charlotte Cultural Trust. PMA and FFTC look forward to announcing placements for these positions in the coming months.

PMA joins with the community in celebrating the many accomplishments of FFTC and looks forward to what the future holds for this organization and this community.