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Tactics for Successful Fundraising in Today’s Economy

Robbe Healey, ACFRE, President of the International Board of Directors of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, spoke at Charlotte’s AFP luncheon in May. Healey’s presentation focused on what is happening and what is working in today’s fundraising environment. While acknowledging challenges such as the fast pace of changing technology, the increasing number of nonprofits and competition for dollars, and the leadership gap, Healey presented a positive perspective and listed eight tactics for achieving success:

1. Retain Donors: Cultivating your existing donors is essential. These friends are already supporters of your organization and it is important to keep them.
2. Stay Connected: Being ‘in the know’ on events and happenings with other local and national organizations that are similar to yours.
3. Increase Volunteer Management: Utilize volunteers as much as possible to fill roles and responsibilities staff cannot.
4. Segment, Segment, Segment: When mailing information and donation requests to donors, segment your database as much as possible to personalize your message.
5. Take Risks: Donors like to see an organization on the cutting edge. Show your supporters that you are thinking outside the box.
6. Collaborate: An efficient organization is a good one. Collaborate with organizations with similar missions to cut costs and save time.
7. Utilize Awareness Tactics: Social media and other awareness tactics are relevant and cost-efficient. Reach your donor base through the web, Facebook, and Twitter.
8. Protect Your Brand Reputation: Above all, ensure that your brand and name stays true to your mission and your goals.