PMA Consulting, LLC

Thompson Child & Family Focus

Board & Staff Development, Coaching, Funding Support

PMA has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Thompson Child & Family Focus (TCFF), spanning multiple coaching and consulting engagements. At the start of 2010, the organization was at the precipice of change when PMA was hired to provide coaching services. Through several in-depth one-on-one meetings, the needs of TCFF were framed and discussed, leading to clarity of direction forward. InfFall 2012, PMA was retained once again to assist in the creation of a strategic grant development platform, positioning TCFF as a leading provider of services for children, families, and the broader mental health sector. PMA worked with staff to formulate an entirely new programmatic offering that would lead to greater charitable investment by lead foundations and philanthropists.


Ginny Amendum, President

“I was very pleased with Patton McDowell & Associates’ coaching and facilitation services. Thompson Child & Family Focus is an organization with more than a century of history. The fresh perspective provided by PMA extended both our strategies and results! PMA’s coaching services allowed us to consider new ideas and angles.

I found Patton to be more than generous with his time and input. He helped the Thompson organization maximize its development team’s strengths and effectiveness so that they, in turn, could achieve the program vision we seek. Members of the non-profit sector can be immeasurably supported and enhanced through a professional partnership with Patton McDowell & Associates.”

Ginny Amendum - President