PMA Consulting, LLC

Citizen Schools

Citizen Schools North Carolina, an education reform organization aimed at partnering with middle schools and citizen teachers to expand the learning day, engaged PMA in 2011 to help advance board of director development.

“Traditional views on board development inhibited Citizen Schools from creating meaningful opportunities for its members,” says Director Stephen Belenky. “To achieve a dynamic board experience, Citizen Schools needed to rethink the talent, motivation, and processes with which the board is meant to operate. We discovered the organization would be more successful by obtaining emergent talent for the board and providing them with opportunities for professional growth, networking and performance planning.”

With PMA’s help, Citizen Schools is working methodically to empower the board. As a result, the organization has enhanced its capacity to advocate public policy, recruit volunteers, raise capital, and generate local visibility



“We were very pleased with PMA’s facilitation services. The firm’s team did an excellent job of gathering data from a variety of Citizen Schools NC stakeholders. This data provided us with clear and insightful information on how we should move forward as an organization and with the board.

The facilitation that was provided during the regional board retreat allowed me to focus on preparing strategies and next steps for discussion.”

Tonya Horton - Executive Director