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PMA Consulting is available for speaking engagements on a wide array of leadership and nonprofit topics. See below for three signature presentations that PMA conducts. Contact PMA at 704-321-4741 or by email to discuss your presentation or facilitation needs.

Speaking Topics

Keys to Advancing Your Nonprofit Career


In this presentation, participants will be led through PMA’s Personal Strategic Planning Process, a coaching framework that applies regardless of your current position or experience. Utilizing planning concepts that will also benefit each participant’s organization, individuals will leave the presentation with the framework of a plan they can build upon for short and long-term professional success. The presentation will incorporate practical exercises into each step of the planning process, and illustrate Ten Key Skills & Experiences on which every nonprofit professional should focus.

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Keys to Nonprofit Excellence

Seven Keys to Nonprofit Excellence1

This presentation provides an overview of PMA’s strategic planning framework, and will lead participants through a process to help them not just survive in uncertain ecomomic conditions, but actually improve and build capacity.  Organizations that are willing to look at all apsects of their organizational strategy and structure – and not just fund development tactics – are more likely to be positioned for future success.  This interactive Keys to Nonprofit Excellence presentation works well for board and staff sessions as well as full planning retreats.

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Engaging Your Board of Directors

Engaging Your Board of Directors1As so many nonprofits look to better utilize their volunteer leadership, participants of this presentation will gain a better understanding of the role the board should play in both an individual and collective sense.  PMA’s experience with dozens of nonprofit boards has shaped this presentation into a practical set of do’s and don’ts to assure greater effectiveness and efficiency for the board.  This presentation also delves into the role staff members’ play in the critical partnership with board members, including practical tips to enhance the relationship with board members past, present and future.

In need of a presentation? Contact PMA at 704-321-4741 or by email to discuss.