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Robinson Brings Legal Expertise to the PMA team

devire250After practicing commercial litigation for five years at a Charlotte law firm, attorney Deviré Robinson joined the PMA team to better channel his passion and expertise to help others.

“My original purpose with law was that I wanted to be able to assist those in need,” Robinson said. “When I went into corporate law, I never really got to go back to that initial reason, which is to help people who otherwise couldn’t help themselves.”

Prior to his current position, Robinson’s main focuses were business disputes and contractual obligations. Now as a consultant for PMA, Robinson is able to orient his skills towards a nonprofit clientele, providing his services to organizations in areas like health and human services, youth advocacy, arts and culture, and education.

“In my earlier practice, I wasn’t adding to the value I wanted to have on the community,” he said. “I wanted to provide a service to others knowing I was contributing to the greater good.”

A Morehead Scholar at the University of North Carolina and law graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, Robinson brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the firm. He cites his background in the legal field as an important component to his success in consulting.

“My experiences as an attorney definitely help in nonprofit consulting, especially critical thinking skills and organization,” Robinson said. “A lot of what we do is to help nonprofits assess their needs and offer informed advice. Being involved in litigation was the same thing—looking at a case and laying out a strategy to ensure clientele do not find themselves in that situation again.”

Having graduated from the Mecklenburg County Bar Leadership Institute in 2013, Robinson remains licensed to practice law in North Carolina and South Carolina and insists his time at PMA has enhanced his occupation rather than detracted from it.

“I’ve never left my role as a lawyer,” he said. “At PMA I do things like confirming that organizations qualify for our nonprofit services and making sure contracts look good.”

Robinson believes the change from litigation to nonprofit consulting has been refreshing.

Deviré Robinson at Safe Kids Midlands' Advisory Board Meeting

Deviré Robinson at Safe Kids Midlands’ Advisory Board Meeting

“I think the members of PMA are a great group of people dedicated to help charitable organizations become better,” he said “At the law firm there were great people there too, but I really enjoy being in this environment. I feel really at ease about the work I do.”

At PMA, Robinson has enjoyed taking on new types of projects.

“I have learned a lot from every project because it’s all still fairly new to me,” he said. “I did enjoy the most working with Safe Kids in Columbia, South Carolina.”

With Safe Kids, a global organization dedicated to childhood injury prevention, Robinson was able to contribute his services to several aspects of the South Carolina coalition’s cause and see his work pay off.

“I met with key philanthropic leaders to help build their profile, to work with them to create a community advisor task force,” he said. “For me, I had a full service of roles to see what the issues were, make recommendations, and see it be a success.”

A common theme Robinson observes in the clients he has encountered with PMA is that the issues at hand are often more uncertain and complex than they appear.

“I would say that a lot of times the organizations do not really know what their biggest issues are and they contact us to do one thing, but then once you meet with them you realize there’s a lot more to be done than what was initially presented,” Robinson explained. “From there, you use your own diligence and you really have to take a step back and find out how they can be more efficient overall.”

Robinson’s contributions to the PMA team are reciprocated back to him in the work he sees the other members doing.

“Being with all these people working so hard to make the world a better place is really inspiring,” he said.