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Presentation Tomorrow – Stewardship: More than Just “Thank You”

Patton McDowell & Josh Jacobson will be presenting the final portion of a three-part workshop about “Creating a Roadmap for Fundraising Success,” on December 8th, 2011 at the Arts & Science Council.

Once you’ve secured hard-earned support, how do you help ensure that you continue to receive it again and again? Stewardship is the often neglected component in the development cycle – the methods that you communicate and engage with a donor all year long.

The presentation,“Stewardship: More Than Just ‘Thank You'” will outline the do’s and don’ts of stewardship. Insights into new methods for keeping donors close, and case studies of successful organizations will be presented as well. Participants can expect to work collaboratively to develop a season-long stewardship program for a sample organization.

Previous presentations from the three-part workshop can be found on the Patton McDowell & Associates website. More information about the workshops and other opportunities can be found here.