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PMA Book Review: Tools of Titans

By Patton McDowell

Great Guide For Self-Improvement

Tim Ferriss’ latest book is a veritable “greatest hits” from his dozens of interviews and experiments in search of excellence in everything you do. The book’s design allows him to categorize his insights and ideas around broad categories of “healthy, wealthy and wise”, and provides practical ideas and advice in each area. Ferriss is very adept at what he calls “deconstructing” the habits and lifestyles of those who are at the top of their field, and this provides fascinating ideas and techniques that can apply to the mastery of any skill.

Three Take-Aways:

1. Experts in every field are avid readers and life-long learners, and consume and share the best books they can find with others enthusiastic about self-improvement. Ferriss’ classic interview questions are worth pondering: What are the most important books you’ve read? Which book(s) do you most often gift to others? I added 24 books to my personal wish list as a result of this book.

2. 80% of the “Titans” Ferriss interviewed had some sort of meditation practice. While the approach and duration varied, it was clear that those who excel are intentional about giving themselves focused time to both clear their heads and contemplate new ideas.

3. Ferriss and many of his interviews highlight the value of journaling. They note the value of systematically gathering and organizing your thoughts – and writing it down – on a regular basis, but also give equal credence to the therapeutic value of simply unloading the clutter from your head so that you may approach the day with renewed calm and focus.


As a firm fascinated with the art and science of self improvement, we found endless ideas and entertaining stories from Tools Of Titans, and literally used the book to inspire our own personal strategic plans for 2017.

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