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PMA Blog September Focus: Corporate Relations

Through PMA’s work with nonprofit organizations across a variety of sectors and geographic locations, one challenge being faced is how to broaden donor bases. Generally nonprofits  garner support through annual fund programs, major gifts, and when needed, capital support.

The aforementioned areas of support tend to cultivate relationships with individual donors. However, it’s important to have a broad base of donors, spread across individual, foundation, and corporate donorships. Nonprofit organizations should carefully study corporations throughout their communities to fully understand which projects and sectors are receiving corporate contributions.

This month, the PMA team will focus on this subject from a variety of different angles, not explicitly on fundraising. Topic will include:

  • Branding: How can nonprofits help to elevate a corporation’s recognition and what is the “going rate”?
  • Government Relations: How can corporate support help to strengthen a nonprofit’s relationship with local legislators?
  • Donor Planning: As your organization looks to undergo a campaign, who are your organizations top 50 donors, broken down by your top 20 individual donors, top 10 corporate donors, and top 10 foundation supporters?
  • Sourcing Corporate Leaders: What strategies can nonprofits implement to cultivate emerging leaders in the corporate sector for service on a board?

What other corporate relations questions do you have for the PMA team? Please email us at