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PMA Blog October Focus: Planned Giving

Planned Giving is an incredible opportunity for all parties involved to create a lasting impact to a charity or nonprofit. It’s PMA’s experience, however, that Planned Giving often gets overlooked in the development process. This month, we seek to provide some insight into Planned Giving and its process including:

  • The types of Planned Giving available while more clearly defining the idea.
  • The importance of Planned Giving in the overall development operation.
  • Identifying prospects and moving Planned Giving up on the list.
  • The role of attorneys and financial planners in the process.
  • The future of Planned Giving.

Along the way, we’ll also highlight some upcoming events that focus on Planned Giving. In a month that includes the important “Leave-A-Legacy Week” here in Charlotte, PMA is excited to discuss Planned Giving as a viable option for organizations and their donors.