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PMA Blog November Focus: Nonprofit Professional Development

An organization that recognizes the importance of professional development is setting out on the right foot to create an environment where staff can flourish while helping their nonprofit. However, nonprofits often deem professional development as too expensive and relegate it to their employees to seek out.

PMA would argue that professional development is vital to the success of not only an organization, but also the nonprofit sector as a whole. With that idea in mind, there are several key topics we’ll seek to discuss in upcoming posts, including:

  • Professional Development as a Part of the Strategic Plan – A key to achieving an organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Professional Development of All Shapes and Sizes – Getting beyond that expensive training and finding development that fits your organization.
  • Analysis of Our Skills – Assessing where we are professionally and how it relates to setting goals for professional development.
  • The 90 Day Plan – Helping staff determine measurable goals to undertake in the near future.
  • Importance of Technology – Central to fundraising strategy, staff need to keep up on technology trends.
  • Personal Board of Directors – Being intentional in seeking advisors and staking out aspirational mentors helps create a framework for a career.