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PMA Blog August Focus: Board Development

Service description (Board/Staff Development):

  • Attracting, training and retaining board members and volunteers is critical for organizations to survive. Having the right people in the right position at the right time is a key element of organizational effectiveness. PMA can assist your organization to both identify your volunteer needs and navigate the cultivation/nomination process without losing focus and momentum.

During the last 2+ years of service to organizations, PMA has been asked often to aid nonprofits in increasing their board’s engagement: “How can we get our board more energized, committed, and ultimately, more active in advancing our mission?” Organizations that have not only survived the last few years but thrived typically have board leadership that is all of those things – but it rarely happens on its own.

While no two boards are alike, PMA has found commonality in organizations with excellent volunteer leadership.

This month, the PMA team will tackle this subject from a variety of perspectives, and provide answers to some of the most often-asked questions, including:

  • Capacity Building: How can boards find new and even more effective ways of making tangible progress toward achieving their missions?
  • Roles: As the nonprofit sector continues to struggle in the wake of economic instability, what are the most important roles board members can play in their organizations?
  • Size: Is there an optimum size for a board, and how do you know when you’ve grown too large?
  • Covenants: How does a board and an Executive Director communicate to new members the expectations of their service?
  • Sourcing New Board Members: Where are the next generation of board members likely to be found?
  • Diversity: Why is having a diverse cross-section of leadership important to decision-making?
  • Advisory Boards: How are they different from governing boards, and how can they be utilized effectively?

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