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PMA 7 Keys Series: Seek Your Alliances

Nonprofits are often isolated in their pursuit of funds and view other organizations as competitors. For the better part of the past decade, grant makers and institutional funders have been looking at the nonprofit sector’s range of services and expenditures and expecting ongoing analysis toward minimizing duplicative services and inefficient management.  Increasingly, individual donors are doing the same thing, accessing online tools that help them make sense of nonprofit management.

While fund development is often a driver for the consideration of partnerships, the sources of funding would prefer it wasn’t that way!  Instead, they hope to foster new ways of looking at partnerships as delivering improved outcomes, increased impact and cost management.  Rather than be seen as a burden for nonprofit executives unwilling to collaborate, alliances are necessary to the long term sustainability of the sector.

Determining how best to foster mission-serving partnerships is the focus of the PMA blog in October.  PMA will focus on ways to identify partner organizations, how you might collaborate to serve the best interests of your constituents, the implications of streamlining, and when to consider a merger or other integration.

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In coming months, PMA will tackle each of its seven areas of organizational excellence:

July: Sharpen your Mission, Vision and Goals

August: Embrace Innovation

September: Engage your Board

October: Seek your Alliances

November: Develop your Talent

December: Attack your Cycle

January: Adopt a Culture of Assessment & Planning

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