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Nonprofit Searches Changing in the New Economy

For HireWith much of the nation facing unemployment rates above 8 percent, you might think organizations would have an easy time replacing and adding staff members. Quite the opposite is actually taking place.

A recent survey, 2011 Nonprofit Employment Trends, reports that nearly a quarter of nonprofits lost staff in 2010. However, 60 percent of those intend to hire or create new positions in 2011. PMA is recognizing some key trends contributing to the problem of staffing.

1. Void of Developing Professionals – A shaky economy has prevented organizations from hiring in recent years. Now, nonprofits looking for the pool of up-and-coming professionals are having trouble finding them.

2. Less Mobility – Potential candidates are less free to move in today’s economy. Bringing in a qualified professional from another city presents many hurdles:

  • Difficulty selling a home
  • Finding a job for a significant other
  • Moving-related expenses

3. Unemployed Applicants – Many applicants an organization will see have been unemployed for six months to a year. The line becomes blurred between whether the individual is a victim of the economy or just simply not a good applicant. With a sense of desperation, candidates may be more likely to tell you what you want to hear, just to get their foot in the door.

4. Stagnant Pool of Candidates – The nonprofit community is often made up of familiar names and reputations in any given town. Only so many candidates will fit a position, and organizations are faced with trying to pick from the same pool of candidates as every other nonprofit in town.

5. Scarcity of Experienced Applicants – Developing professionals are lacking, as mentioned above, which opens the door for recent graduates. However, with only limited experience such as an internship under their belt, hiring a new graduate provides its own set of hurdles.

Image Courtesy of Ambro