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Nonprofit Job Market Looking Up

According to a New York Times report, nonprofit online job boards are seeing an increase in the number of postings for the first time in two years.

Job boards are seeing an increase in nonprofit postings

Popular nonprofit job board experienced a 40 percent drop as the economic crisis hit in 2008. Today, the level of postings is almost back to pre-crisis levels. Chronicle of Philanthropy editor Stacy Palmer says a growing wave of baby boomer retirements is driving the uptick in open positions.

A new type of position looking to be filled in many organizations is also adding to the posting increase. Nonprofits are using new communication technologies and tools to achieve their missions, making the need for job titles like social media director necessary. Former for-profit workers are seeing the new positions as opportunities to not only put their skills to work, but to also give back in some way.

“Increasingly people want to find meaning in their work,” said Pratichi Shah, president and CEO of Flourish Talent Management Solutions, an executive recruiting agency that focuses on the nonprofit sector. “They want to be connected to their communities and part of a larger movement.”