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Why Aren’t We Doing More Planned Giving?

Leave A Legacy Asks:

Most of us give time, talent and money to charitable organizations throughout our lives.  Why?  It makes a difference in someone’s life.  It allows us to experience the joy that comes from giving to a charity that puts into action our values and priorities.  We all have our personal reasons for charitable giving.  Statistics show that only a few of us have actually made a charitable gift that will “Leave a Legacy” long after we are gone.  70% of Americans make gifts to charities each year,  but only 6% of Americans leave gifts to charity through their wills and estates.  Over the next 40 years, it is estimated that between $41 and $130 trillion will pass from one generation to another.  The Charlotte Region Leave A Legacy program encourages people from all walks of life to make gifts, large or small, from their wills and/or estates to the nonprofit organizations of their choice.  This program is a collaborative effort among local nonprofit organizations, foundations, estate planning professionals, and corporate sponsors.  The objectives of Leave A Legacy are to raise community awareness about charitable gift planning in the Charlotte region and encourage more people to make charitable gifts through their estate plans.

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