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Kids First Rebrands for Orthopedic Mission Success

Kids First was founded in the early 1990s, by three Duke University-trained orthopedic surgeons. The three saw a need for pediatric orthopedic outreach in South and Central America and through connections and friendships, launched the inaugural trip in 1991. Many trips have been funded over the years, and Kids First was able to cover expenses with minimal fundraising efforts. The economic downturn has dramatically changed the way that many non-profits approach fundraising, and Kids First was not an exception. Kids First decided that it needed an intentional, updated plan for seeking funds and in-kind donations to support their mission.

Patton McDowell & Associates designed new communications materials including a new website and appeal sheet to solicit funds and in-kind donations to support the program. A regular annual fund ask will provide a consistent revenue stream to support the program.

Photos of children configured in bright colors attract donors to engage with the children that the program will help. The case for support is made through the eyes of these children and the passion of the physicians and nurses that participate in the program. Efficient operations and a multitude of success stories drive continued support from a wide variety of sources throughout the country.

The Kids First team will depart May 29, 2010 for San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and will perform roughly 175 operations and evaluate 250 – 300 children with a variety of orthopedic problems. The new website and annual fund plan have allowed Kids First to solicit funding and in-kind donations to complete this trip and to look for new and sustainable funding sources for the future.