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July Launch to the “7 Keys Series”

pma-7series-485x200Following PMA’s successful Innovation Blog Series earlier this year, the firm is pleased to continue this focus on strategic organizational development. The firm has built its approach to working with nonprofits on its Seven Keys to Organizational Excellence. Beginning in July, PMA will explore this framework in greater depth with a monthly focus on each of these seven areas of organizational excellence.

This month, PMA focuses on sharpening mission, vision and goal-setting. Sound strategy and planning is essential for organizations seeking to not only survive but thrive during uncertain times. A successful organization provides its stakeholders with a detailed roadmap that establishes a compelling mission, a 10-year vision and 3-year goal setting. As important is the ability to communicate the mission, vision and goals in ways that connect with an array of audiences.

In July, PMA will provide thought leadership on this topic, kicking off next with words of wisdom imparted by Eunice Kennedy Shriver to President Patton McDowell. The firm will also explore whether it is time for you to rethink your mission statement, why your vision statement is more important than you think, and how to turn goal-setting into a clarifying activity for staff and board alike.

In coming months, PMA will tackle each of its seven areas of organizational excellence:

  • July: Sharpen your Mission, Vision and Goals

Eunice Kennedy Shriver: Champion of Mission, Vision and Values by Patton McDowell

Sharpen Your Message – Mission Under Microscope by Josh Jacobson

  • August: Embrace Innovation

Embrace Innovation Introduction

Implementing Innovation by Patton McDowell

Why I Love and Hate the Word “Innovation” by Josh Jacobson

Tools of Innovation: The Assessment Matrix

  • September: Engage your Board

Engage Your Board Introduction

  • October: Seek your Alliances
  • November: Develop your Talent
  • December: Attack your Cycle
  • January: Adopt a Culture of Assessment & Planning

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