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Is Your Nonprofit Ready for 2014?

Happy New YearAs 2013 winds down, it is important for nonprofits to look ahead to what they hope to accomplish in 2014. In a way, just as we as individuals make resolutions for the new year, so too must organizations. For some, it might be to raise more money. For others, it may be to undergo more drastic restructuring to accomplish strategic objectives.  Whatever the resolutions your nonprofit may have, it is critical to have a plan in place in order to be successful.  The following questions can help to develop your New Year’s plan:

  • What are your goals for 2014?
  • Is your organization prepared to explore new opportunities?
  • Is your staff and board comfortable with the roles they will play to assure strategic success?

To answer these questions, the organization must look to make sure that they have the strategy and talent in place to achieve their goals.


Creating a detailed roadmap is critical for the success of any organization.  Developing a strategic planning process is important in targeting the needs of the organization.  A successful organization provides its stakeholders with a detailed roadmap, a clear timeline, and an assessment of the resources required to reach the desired destination.  All stakeholders, from board, staff, and donors should play a part within a strategic planning process.  Whether your organization needs to review its past plan to ensure they are on course, or if a new plan is needed, this process will help your organization achieve both short and long-term objectives in order to achieve the mission and vision of the nonprofit.


In addition to reviewing the overall strategy of the organization, a strong nonprofit is looking at the talent that is in place to ensure they are properly equipped for success.  An organization that is successful will not only have talented staff members, but will also have talented volunteer leaders in place.  These individuals should understand the programmatic and fund development needs facing their organization for the coming year.  Providing coaching to members of the organization who are at a crossroads in their career will help develop talents and strengthen the organization.  In addition, a nonprofit should be prepared for changes to their staff and board by consistently developing and grooming talented individuals who can step into leadership opportunities in the coming year.

In the coming month, PMA’s blog will explore these topics in greater depth.  We would like to wish you all a very happy and successful 2014!