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Is Micro-Philanthropy the Future?

An interesting, new approach is being taken when it comes to philanthropy for artistic projects. The first micro-philanthropy website dedicated to U.S. filmmakers, writers, musicians and visual artists was launched on Tuesday.

USA Projects hopes to connect people with artists and raise tax deductible contributions for original works. Each project has a stated fundraising goal and a deadline. If the project does not meet its goal by the deadline, public donations are returned. All have been approved by experts in each artistic discipline before being posted for public contribution.

Projects are put into eight categories, ranging from architecture and design to theater. Noted projects include:

  • A sculpture and sound installation inspired by jazz legend Charlie Parker. 
  • A large quilt focusing on the plight of Hurricane Katrina victims. 
  • A new dance performance featuring the music of Stevie Wonder.
  • A documentary about gay marriage by photographer Catherine Opie and filmmaker Lisa Udelson. 
  • A theater performance about homeless people in the California beach city of Santa Monica.

We are interested to know if you think this type of approach can be successful? Do you anticipate a shift in philanthropy strategy toward similar ideas?