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[Innovation Series] Revisited

In February 2013, Patton McDowell & Associates (PMA) launched the Innovation Series, a weekly program of research and interviews conducted by the firm in 2012. As this series comes to a close, PMA is revisiting the topics and providing a one-stop place for you to find more information on innovation in the nonprofit sector.

lightbulbThis research began after PMA’s work with 80 organizations in the recession beginning in 2009. Nonprofits in Charlotte, NC, felt the impact of dramatic decreases in charitable giving with significant increases in demand. While the outlook was grim, many nonprofits took this opportunity to innovate and reinvent the nonprofit sector. One such organization was Arts & Science Council in Charlotte, NC. Outgoing President, Scott Provancher, spoke to PMA about the ongoing changes in the nonprofit sector and fund development. Follow the links below to access this important exchange.

Interview with Scott Provancher, Part One

Interview with Scott Provancher, Part Two

As PMA focused on fund development in February, the firm worked to dispel a common myth in the nonprofit sector – giving is down due to the recession. In “Dispelling a Myth”, PMA reflects on giving data for Mecklenburg County and its alignment to US economic data for the recession period. You might be surprised by the results.

Charles Thomas, Executive Director of Queen City Forward, shared his thoughts on the need for social entrepreneurship in his interview with PMA. His insights into collaboration and innovation can be found in the link below.

Interview with Charles Thomas

What has been your biggest “aha” moment in this series? We look forward to hearing more from you.

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