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[Innovation Series: Revisited] Governance

IS Recap GovernanceAs we continue to recap our findings from the Innovation Series, we take time this week to review the topic of governance. The way in which local nonprofits have depended on their boards of directors has shifted over the last four years, with increased need for strategic oversight, financial and legal expertise, further relationship building and even in-the-weeds tactical support. And yet, this can create a state of over-dependence, with staff leadership relying on busy volunteers to “save the day.”

You can read more about the changes in our title article – Nonprofit Innovation Series – Governance. You can also see more articles for reference in this post – Take Your Board to the Next Level This Month. While the role of boards continues to change, the role of the Executive Director has also shifted due to these transitions. Michael Marsicano, President and CEO of Foundation For The Carolinas, shares his thoughts on this area in Executive Director Role Continues to Change in Nonprofits.

Managing a board with high turnover due to transition and increased scrutiny by the community can be a difficult feat, but Jane McIntyre of United Way of Central Carolinas has sailed through her tenure so far with ease. She shares her insights into governance with a strong interview. You can access this interview by following the link below.

An Interview with Jane McIntyre, United Way of Central Carolinas

Patton McDowell, President of Patton McDowell & Associates, offers his key learnings from a board-focused conference in 7 Takeaways from the BoardSource Leadership Forum. Finally, PMA tackled the topic of Ideal Nonprofit Board Size in the final week of governance. What have you learned the most about governance this year?