PMA Consulting, LLC

Fulfilling Mission and Vision in Rural NC


Ginny Amendum Senior Consultant

Strategy and Talent are once again being successfully implemented by PMA and its partner, The Solid Rock Foundation, to ensure that a compelling and much needed mission is being accomplished.  Serving an economically depressed area of NC, new leadership at “Solid Rock,” along with The Duke Endowment’s Rural Church Division, turned to PMA Consulting for guidance and support involving organizational assessment, operational structure, and realistic revenue planning that would embrace mission and provide energy and sustainability for the Church itself as well as its much needed child care and feeding ministries.

The PMA Team’s depth of experience and expertise meshed well with Solid Rock’s vision and determination to succeed.   Over and over again, the focus on specific Strategy planning and action (coached and encouraged by PMA) created realistic benchmarks and outcomes. New successes emerged as PMA assisted Solid Rock in developing ways in which the organization could operate more efficiently, could define and implement a business/financial plan and could set benchmarks that built accountability and goal achievement.

Strategy, however, is most effective in the presence of informed and engaged Talent.  Manpower is lean and limited at Solid Rock, both in terms of leadership and direct service staff!  Daily challenges coupled with a continual lack of adequate human resource can be crippling.  Again, the PMA role of coaching the existing Solid Rock staff, particularly its leadership team, has created new strengths and success for the Solid Rock programs and people served.

As Reverend Thomas Simpson noted, “In 2013 I stepped into a leadership position unlike anything I had ever experienced.  After about six months of discovery it became apparent I needed some help.  PMA consulting was recommended.  The consultant assigned proved to be more than adequate as a consultant, and exhibited great skills as a coach as well.  We have worked together now for a year and are extending our relationship as a result.  She has proven to be a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.  Her suggestions have yielded tangible results.  Her gentle coaching has helped my entire team to discover ideas and solutions on our own that are proving very beneficial.  I look forward to continuing our relationship with PMA. They are a valued partner in our efforts to recover and restore a much needed mission/ministry in a place where it is desperately needed.”

Fulfilling the Mission and Vision of the Solid Rock Foundation is a compelling priority.  Working within a professional relationship, PMA Consulting embraces this priority as its own, highlighting concrete and effective Strategy, implemented by a continually developing Talent!

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