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How Can a Nonprofit Use Social Media?

Social Media can serve the nonprofit sector very well, but it’s a matter of knowing how to utilize what’s available in an effective way. Below are 5 ideas for the use of social media in an organization.

1. Tell your story
A blog is a great way to update the world about all the good things going on within a nonprofit. Text, photos and videos work together to make a blog post come alive. Consider talking about the people helped, a great event that took place, or a recent donation and how it’s being utilized.

2. Videos go a long way
Anything newsworthy happening within your nonprofit should be covered using video. You don’t need to go out and buy a high-tech camera, but a modest investment in a good flip camera can get you some great video. Consider setting up a YouTube channel for the organization where you can upload all the footage. Pull from the channel when writing blog posts and updating the website.

3. Spread Message through Facebook
Facebook has more potential for reaching an audience than any other social avenue available. Make a page for your nonprofit and start connecting with staff and donors. Soon, your audience will grow as you promote videos, blog posts and as others start suggesting your organization to their friends.

4. Location-based Apps
Applications like Gowalla and Foursquare can be used for volunteer activities and events to let individuals know what’s happening in the community. Maybe you reward one of the volunteers who checks in at the event with a prize? Having fun with the audience will go a long way.

5. LinkedIn Recruiting
Professionals of varying backgrounds use LinkedIn as a networking resource. Nonprofits should use the site as a base for recruiting new board members, staff and volunteers. Creating dialogue within LinkedIn Groups is another opportunity for exposing an organization to the masses.