PMA Consulting, LLC

Have You Considered an Interim Solution Before Hiring?

The first instinct when a staff member leaves an organization is to quickly fill the position and keep moving. While the idea of being down an individual conjures up images of a strained and unhappy staff, a great opportunity may be at hand as well.

A recently vacated spot is the perfect time for an organization to consider the use of interim solution services, like those offered by PMA. The services help an organization assess its needs, evaluate alignment and source the right person for a position.

PMA provides an assessment focused on development & marketing processes, including an evaluation of resources like other staff, board database, materials, and case). While assisting in the search for the new employee, PMA continues to fill the needs that come up as part of the development calendar.

Interim solutions provide strategies to bridge an organization as it adapts to its own changing landscape. The time sensitive engagement helps an organization emerge from a staff turnover stronger than it was before, with a development plan in place to move forward.