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Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-peanutsDriving to the office made it abundantly clear that most everyone is spending the day either prepping in the kitchen, packing for a trip to see family, or fighting the lines and delays at the airport. Or more simply put – no one is working today.

We take that as a good sign though. In the last few years we’ve all pinched pennies, cut back on travel, and kept it close to  home for the holidays. It has been a time where technology is actually a welcome addition to families. Between Facebook, text messaging, and webcams, it’s so much easier to stay connected with our loved ones who might be in another city or state.

But nothing replaces being face-to-face with family and friends on Thanksgiving. As the name suggests, it is a day we can be thankful for the great people in our lives – a nice reminder of just how lucky we are, despite our daily grumblings about first-world problems (bad cell service, a cold latte, etc).

Take a moment to think about what’s great in your life, and remember that, as always, there are others out there who could use your help. Find an organization you love and consider making a donation or volunteering your time. We wish everyone the happiest of Thanksgivings and remember to be kind to each other on the roads and at the dinner table. We’ll see you next week!