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Forces for Good: A Timely Read

Leslie Crutchfield and Heather Grant’s Forces for Good not only explores the myths and realities of why nonprofits should or should not be more like businesses, but it also provides timely advice about what great social sector organizations do that makes them exceptional.

1 they advocate for the larger cause as well as serve a specific mission
2 they make markets work and partner effectively with their corporate allies
3 they inspire evangelists and provide meaningful volunteer opportunities to get people excited
4 they nurture the nonprofit networks that in turn support them
5 they master adaptation and are constantly innovative
6 they share leadership internally and externally – their cause is a collective one

The authors use the same style of analysis as Jim Collins used in his classic Good to Great, and it certainly provides similar insight as well as thought-provoking ideas in a time when “business as usual” is not going to get it done for so many in the nonprofit world.