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Engagement is Key to Nonprofit Management

Training and retaining staff members, board members and volunteers is critical for an organization to survive. Having the right people in appropriate positions is a key element of organizational effectiveness. Third-party counsel has the ability to shine a light on elements in need of help and realignment.

PMA has worked with many clients over the past five years to increase engagement among staff and board members. Below are a few examples of our work:

Citizen Schools North Carolina (Charlotte, NC)

SummaryIn support of their ambitious effort to provide innovation in educational reform throughout North Carolina (also supported in partcitizenschoolsnc by EMCF), Citizen Schools engaged PMA to assist in the creation of a strategic plan to enhance the organization’s advisory board and strengthen its brand in multiple North Carolina markets.  PMA produced a board development and marketing plan to help identify, recruit and engage advisory board members,  improve organizational effectiveness, and strengthen Citizen Schools’ targeting of key markets and general visibility in the Charlotte community.

Hands On Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)

Summary: Hands on Charlotte, whose goal is to promote volunteerism and community service throughout Charlotte, sought PMA’s counsel HandsOnCharlottein 2011 to launch a strategic plan. Facing a multitude of transitions, including the change of their executive director and turnover on the Board of Directors, Hands on Charlotte was seeking guidance to develop a mission-specific planning process. After individual interviews and retreats with the board, PMA’s consultants helped create an outline for a strategy that focused on new board and staff recruitment, program development and successful fundraising. With PMA’s assistance, Hands on Charlotte created a vision for the next five years that will allow them to continue elevating the organization’s mission.

The Warehouse Performing Arts Center (Charlotte, NC)

Summary:  With a technical assistance grant from ASC, the Warehouse engaged PMA to assist with the development of a business plan WarehousePACconsisting of a vision for programming and growth, the formalization of its structure and governance, and a fundraising and marketing plan to help realize that vision.  Through a 12-week coaching engagement, the firm helped the theatre’s leadership build on the growing awareness for its cultural offerings, creating a comprehensive organizational platform.

PMA understands that your organization’s programming is your first priority, but staff and board needs that remain unaddressed impact your ability to serve your mission. PMA can assist in identifying your staffing/volunteer needs and facilitating solutions without losing focus or momentum. Call PMA today for a coffee meeting to discuss your organization’s needs around staff and board member engagement.