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Don’t Go It Alone: Nonprofits Need Partners in Social Media

megaphoneAs a nonprofit considers how to best be successful with their social media efforts, it is important to remember that the organizations who are most well known online never do it by themselves. Just as the term social media suggests, your organization will need to collaborate with others, be “social”, and take an interest in what’s happening with your new online community. Below are four suggestions for who an organization should be connecting and interacting with.

1. Leadership/Staff/Volunteers – Your messaging can grow substantially when the people within your own organization are helping spread news and information on their own social profiles. While it should never be a requirement for your team to regurgitate a nonprofit’s message (especially if they’re using their own personal profiles), most will want to promote you if they’re vested.

2. Active and Past Donors – You should be connecting with anyone who is, or has ever been a donor. It’s a great tactic for keeping the organization in front of those who actually contributed to your success, and might lead to them considering another commitment. At the very least, being able to share news of a recent campaign success or photos of an event or project that donors played a part in getting done lets them know they are appreciated.

3. Other Local Nonprofits – While this may seem counterproductive to promote other nonprofits, in the realm of social media, showing support for your community and the organizations that serve it can only be positive. Sure, everyone is competing from the same pool of donors in their respective towns, but organizations who help each other won’t go unnoticed to the general public.

4. Business Partners – Any business out there who helps your nonprofit succeed (from graphic design to party rental companies) should be included as well. Their continued success relies heavily on their clients being happy and building referrals from previous work. They’ll most likely promote the organization as a means to getting their own name out there.

Now that you know who you should be working with online, one final piece of advice – INTERACT. INTERACT. INTERACT. Yes, you’ll spend time and energy trying to promote the organization, but don’t just churn out upcoming events and information about you – it isn’t a one-way street. Mention your followers and talk to them when you see something interesting come across your feed. Let them know you’re out there, that you see what’s going on, and that you support them – just as they’ve supported you.

Pretty soon, you’ll be collaborating with more and more people, which should lead to a robust online community that supplements the good work you’re doing in the real world.