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Data Management Vital to Organizations & Development

July brings about the topic of Data Management at the Patton McDowell & Associates blog. While not the flashiest of elements, it is a vital component of a sophisticated development department. The information that populates a database will determine its usefulness and should be comprised of a well-designed architecture process understood by staff members of the nonprofit.

Also important, information should be gathered in a timely fashion. Advances in technology mean new ways of data acquisition, which will aid in the timeliness and relevance, but an organization must consider how that information will be utilized.

Key staff should work together in the planning process, making sure each step is carefully evaluated. Troubleshooting potential pitfalls before they take place will keep data management effective for the organization.

Setting goals, both initially and throughout the process, keep staff focused and constantly evaluating that which does and does not work.

Staying on top of data management will lead to better development opportunities, and is the perfect opportunity for staff to stay engaged on larger organizational goals. As we cover the topic on the blog this month, themes of timeliness, relevance, planning and evaluation will be recurring.