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Council for Children’s Rights Reestablishes Itself as Leader of Child Advocacy

The mission of Council for Children’s Rights (CFCR) may seem simple – Standing up for every child’s right to be safe, healthy, and educated. But the best approach for achieving the organization’s vision is in fact very complex.

CFCR implemented a wide range of programs and advocacy on behalf of children throughout its history, combining both frontline services and broad research-based initiatives. While all the avenues explored have proven valuable, CFCR now turns its research specifically to the clients they serve. First-hand data and supplemental research drive the organization’s child advocacy in the hopes fewer children fall into crisis. The change comes about just as new (yet familiar) leadership takes over for CFCR.

Bob Simmons was announced as the organization’s new executive director in April. Simmons, a former Charlotte-Mecklenburg School board member, served as CFCR’s first president in 2006 after the Children’s Law Center and Council for Children merged to form CFCR. Amy Tribble was hired as director of development in July. She too is returning to CFCR, where she led the development team from 2002-2011. Most recently, she worked as director of development for the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte.

“When Council for Children’s Rights faced the departure of both our Director of Development and our Executive Director in 2014, PMA provided the Council’s Board of Directors with sound advice and steady guidance to maintain our fundraising program until a new ED could be brought on board and a new DOD hired,” Simmons said.

PMA’s Cindy Clark served as interim director of development for the Council while assisting in the executive searches that ultimately led to the hiring of Simmons and Tribble.

“Cindy Clark went above and beyond the call of duty in her diligent service as our Interim Director of Development, providing steady leadership for our advancement team and a vital link between agency staff, Board officers, and volunteers. Once the Council had a new ED in place at the beginning of April, Cindy managed our DOD search process to an excellent conclusion by the end of May,” Simmons said.

A Night for Children’s Rights, CFCR’s largest annual fundraising event, was its most successful in the organization’s history. James Ford, 2014 North Carolina Teacher of the Year was the evening’s featured speaker. Long-time executive director of the Council for Children, Larry King, was posthumously honored with the Council’s Dolly Award – given annually to an outstanding child advocate in the community. PMA’s Wendy Fu helped in the planning and execution of the event.

“During our extended relationship with PMA, they became trusted partners and true friends of the Council, demonstrating commitment to our mission as they helped us to weather our transition, to continue serving our community’s children, and to emerge in a stronger position under a new Executive Director and Director of Development,” said Simmons.

CFCR continues its good work to influence systemic change for children. Through renewed leadership and collaboration with other agencies in the community, CFCR reaffirms itself as a leader and champion for child advocacy.