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Corporate Foundations – Giving Is Important…But Do It Responsibly

The role of corporate citizenship and corporate foundations has changed significantly in the past decade. Community members’ recent scrutiny of corporations is pushing foundations to practice responsibility and caution when making contributions. No longer is a corporation being judged on its role in the community simply based upon the amount of money it gave to philanthropic causes.

People want to see these corporate foundations work to drive social change, rather than simply spending money to see if the change will happen. Corporate foundations are transitioning from giving transactional support to becoming community partners.

A few ways a corporate foundation can become a more influential community partner:

  1. Educate their employees about the need for giving and volunteering within the community.
  2. Encourage members of the corporation to become active in public policy.
  3. If a matching gift program exists, ensure that the employees are aware and active in their giving.

It is important for the corporate foundation to balance the business value along with the community value of the engagement. Without attention to such a balance, this type of foundation will suffer.