PMA Consulting, LLC

Certified in Nonprofit Strategic Restructuring

Patton McDowell & Associates own Margaret Andrews recently completed an intensive three-day training session focused on nonprofit strategic restructuring. Foundation For The Carolinas (FFTC) hosted the training and it was presented by La Piana Consulting, a national expert on nonprofit mergers and consolidations.

The interactive training allowed participants to create mock nonprofit mergers that included board members, staff and role-played negotiations.  A range of nonprofit restructuring options were presented along with the typical timelines associated with each.

Three points taken from the training included:

  1. There are a wide range of restructuring options – from collaboration (a loose mutually beneficial relationship) to a complete merger (two or more organizations integrate both programmatically and administratively).
  2. Mergers are a very time-consuming, detailed, and emotional process. 
  3. A consultant is essential to serve as a third party negotiator and to unbiasedly steer the process.

Mergers are a hot topic with nonprofits today and FFTC is providing funds to nonprofits to explore these opportunities and hire consultants. Contact PMA if you would like to discuss your merger options.