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Attack Your Cycle to Assure Campaign Readiness

Readiness is an important first step to ensuring the success of a capital campaign. The development cycle is more than just a solicitation, and organizations should be proactive in addressing the other aspects associated with it. Attacking the cycle allows a nonprofit to properly identify and cultivate donors before solicitation ever takes place.

Key questions organizations should be asking themselves include:

  1. Who are the key individual, organizational and foundation targets?
  2. How should we be nurturing these relationships?
  3. Who in the organization is asking for the funding?
  4. At what point does the ask occur?
  5. How do we keep future donors ‘in the pipeline’?
  6. How do we show acknowledgement and appreciation while moving a donor up the ‘gift pyramid’?

By attacking the cycle, your capital campaign will benefit from donors who have the capacity to support annual funding and who clearly understand the need for the campaign, the expected results and the importance of continued support.