PMA Consulting, LLC

Alignment and Structure: Laying the Framework for Effective Staff Development

A common misperception of staff assessments, alignment and structure is that these processes are simply efforts to downsize or re-staff an organization. Rather, PMA would argue that an ongoing evaluation of organizational needs actually empowers a more effective staff development.

Staff goals should align with the executive and board leadership’s vision while departments should be structured and equipped to help staff achieve those goals efficiently. The vision will inspire the staff development practices of evaluation, reward, retention and recruitment.

Meaningful staff development is supported by structure, tools and resources while linked to organizational priorities. The organization must have the right mix of strategies and tactics and integrate them effortlessly into employee performance plans. To achieve such, an assessment must be made in two areas:

  1. Leadership’s strategic goals
    • What’s being served well and what’s falling short?
    • What is leadership doing to approach challenges and opportunities more strategically?
    • How can the staff help?
  2. Staff
    • Roles and responsibilities in conjunction with perceptions and actions.

Only then can staff development truly serve its purpose of enhancing professional and personal excellence while strengthening the organization simultaneously.