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About Town with PMA {September Edition}

The kids have started school. Fall carnivals are planned. And the next round of fundraising begins this month for many nonprofits in the area. Wherever you are, take a break and connect with our team.

September 18 – AFP Charlotte chapter meeting in Charlotte, NC. President Patton McDowell, Managing Director Josh Jacobson and Associate Director David Ibsen will join our Charlotte friends for a session called “The State of Philanthropy in Charlotte.”

September 18 – AFP Western North Carolina chapter meeting in Arden, NC. On the same day, Associate Director Sally Loftis will be presenting “Social Media Promotes Philanthropy” at this monthly get-together of Western NC professionals.

September 25-27 – North Carolina Council of Resource Development 2013 Conference in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Patton and Josh will be joining this conference titled “Discovering an Ocean of Possibilities.”

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