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A Look at the SCOT Analysis

A SCOT Analysis is a method used in the strategic planning process to evaluate the Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats around an organization and its parts.

Strengths and challenges study factors internal to the organization, while opportunities and threats are of an external nature. The goal of any SCOT Analysis is to maximize strength potential and opportunities while minimizing the challenge and threat impacts.

Some items to remember as you get ready for a SCOT Analysis:

  • Get Organized – All internal and external information should be ready ahead of time, as it will serve to provide the foundation for the analysis team to do its work.
  • Encourage Participation – Quality over quantity wins out here. Not every staff member needs to take part. However, those who can provide quality analysis and perspective should take priority. Board of directors, community leaders, donors and key stakeholders is a good pool to pull from.
  • Be Simple and Focused – Your SCOT should be specific. Keep the focus on-topic while keeping it simple. Over-analysis only adds confusion to the mix. 

A successful SCOT Analysis will give you a clearer vision of the current state of an organization, and a look into its future potential.