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7 Keys Series: Engage Your Board

Following PMA’s successful Innovation Blog Series earlier this year, the firm is pleased to continue this focus on strategic organizational development. The firm has built its approach to working with nonprofits on its Seven Keys to Organizational Excellence.  In September, PMA will focus on engaging your board of directors.

Attracting, training and retaining quality board members is critical for a nonprofit organization to survive. Having the right volunteer leadership is a key element of organizational effectiveness and mission-focused service delivery.


Too many organization settle for disinterested, unengaged volunteer leadership, pleased when more than half of the board even attends quarterly board meetings. A governing board of directors has a fiscal responsibility to the stewardship of an organization, managing it on behalf of the public.  But for too many organizations, the board reflects apathy, which permeates other stakeholder relationships and leads to less effective resource development.

Getting your board on the fast track to greater engagement is the focus of the PMA blog in September.   PMA will focus on elements of effective board development and engagement, which begins next week with PMA Managing Director Josh Jacobson reviewing the seven priority roles of a board of directors.  Later this month, PMA President Patton McDowell will detail seven areas of engagement guaranteed to jump start your board of directors, encouraging visioning, leadership and accountability.  The firm will also cover practical, shovel-ready ideas for turning your next board meeting or retreat into a launch for renewed energy and buy-in.

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In coming months, PMA will tackle each of its seven areas of organizational excellence:

July: Sharpen your Mission, Vision and Goals

August: Embrace Innovation

September: Engage your Board

October: Seek your Alliances

November: Develop your Talent

December: Attack your Cycle

January: Adopt a Culture of Assessment & Planning

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