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7 Keys Series: Embrace Innovation

pma-7series-485x200Following PMA’s successful Innovation Blog Series earlier this year, the firm is pleased to continue this focus on strategic organizational development. The firm has built its approach to working with nonprofits on its Seven Keys to Organizational Excellence.  In August, PMA will focus on embracing organizational innovation.

Nonprofits often continue to grow and organize themselves based on a founder’s initial vision, but this approach may not ensure successful governance, programming or community engagement moving forward.  It is crucial that staff and volunteer leaders respond to emerging priorities and adapt to changing landscapes.  Smart nonprofits consider opportunities to alter processes to utilize new strategies geared toward effectiveness and efficiency.

In August, PMA will provide thought leadership on this topic, kicking off next week with insights from PMA President Patton McDowell, who will focus on the importance of organizational culture change. The firm will also explore the SCOT analysis (Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats) as an annual clarifying activity, how organizational structure impacts productivity, and ways to promote change, open dialogue and collaboration.

In coming months, PMA will tackle each of its seven areas of organizational excellence:

  • July: Sharpen your Mission, Vision and Goals
  • August: Embrace Innovation
  • September: Engage your Board
  • October: Seek your Alliances
  • November: Develop your Talent
  • December: Attack your Cycle
  • January: Adopt a Culture of Assessment & Planning

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