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5 Critical Steps to a Successful Direct Mail Fundraising Campaign

In an ideal world, an organization’s fundraising successes come from nurtured relationships. However, if you choose to cultivate by way of direct mailing, don’t expect to see dramatic results in a direct mailing fundraising campaign until approximately your third mailing. Building name recognition and relationships with potential donors takes time.

The most effective formula for a successful direct mail fundraising campaign involves a series of critical steps:

  1. Develop a persuasive case – Make sure your message is clear and easily understood. Provide a valid need statement and examples of programming meeting a need to back up the case for support.
  2. Demonstrate impact and leadership – Let individuals know the organization is at the forefront of the fundraising cause. Show that contributed income is vital by giving relevant examples of community impact that has been the result of previous fund drives.
  3. Build name recognition – Over a series of direct mailings, an organization should start to become recognizable to a specific cause.
  4. Project a compelling vision – Paint a picture of what will be accomplished through the fund drive and state why the organization’s vision is so important.
  5. Make certain your message is viewed – Follow up with segments of individuals on the list. A simple phone call or email ensuring the intended recipients received the mailing and answering any questions they may have builds credibility. After all, direct mail material doesn’t fundraise – people do. In these cases, avoid asking for a donation. Rather, build name recognition and encourage the individual see that their donation is part of a broader relationship.

An organization that follows the steps above should be optimally aligned for direct mail fundraising success.