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3 Focus Areas for Nonprofit Innovation {Video}

Almost six months ago, PMA President Patton McDowell and Michelle Hamilton, former Chief Advancement Officer at Crisis Assistance Ministry, presented at the Association of Fundraising Professionals International Conference in San Diego, CA. Patton and Michelle gave an hour long presentation titled “Nonprofit Innovation: What’s Working and Why” to a crowded room of conference attendees. Now, you can listen to this presentation online and review the slide presentation until April 7, 2014. Simply click the link below to listen.

AFPICON Presentation by Patton McDowell and Michelle Hamilton

Non-Profit Innovation: What’s Working and Why

Using a yearlong study of nonprofits as a backdrop, AFP Charlotte President Patton McDowell and Michelle Hamilton (Chief Advancement Officer, Crisis Assistance Ministry) will explore the topic of nonprofit innovation, using case studies to illustrate advances in collaboration, fund development and talent acquisition.  The presentation will include case studies – from organizations large and small – that will provide practical tips applicable to your organization.  

How can collaboration work for you in creative ways like group purchasing, programming and major grants?  How do you diversify your funding strategy away from workplace giving campaigns?  How can you utilize peer-to-peer funding techniques and harness small gift strategies?   How do you assure effective recruitment and retention of talent in a rapid-turnover environment?  These and other topics will be the source of a fast-paced and interactive session.

Patton and Michelle introduce the three areas of focus in this study – Creative Collaboration, Diversified Fundraising, and Talent Acquisition & Retention. With each focus, these presenters provide statistical analysis, a case study and relevant tips for you to take home and use within your organization.

You can also read a recap of AFPICON 2013 by PMA Managing Director Josh Jacobson HERE. Whether it is attending conferences or simply participating in online discussions, Patton McDowell and Associates encourages every nonprofit professional to increase their knowledge and training in the nonprofit sector.